5 games where buying gold is vital to success

5 games where buying gold is vital to success

In some games, you canpurchase in-game currency (gold, gems etc.). This ability allows all players to have a method for reaching higher levels of success in the games they choose to play. While some titles belong to the pay to win category, this list is not about them. Games highlighted here have more players succeeding or having lots more fun if and when they choose to buy some in-game currency.


It seems like Runescape has been around since the dawn of time, hasn’t it? The original game was released all the way back in 2001 and remained popular ever since. There are two versions of the game available to play:

  • Old School Runescape
  • Runescape 3

Their graphics differ, and the gaming mechanics are not equal to some degrees, deep down they are both the good old Runescape everyone fell in love with back in the day. However, Runescape is synonymous with grind and lots of repetitive work which is required to earn resources or obtain gold to be able to afford most items. Yet this part filled with trouble can be avoided, and you could dive into the fun parts …

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