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Ways People are Treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are many ways people are treated using the practice of CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT is often the best used and effective treatment used by psychologists and mental health professionals. Researchers have found CBT to be an effective in solving problems such as anxiety and depression.

In ancient Greece, Epictetus was one of the fundamental contributors to this theory. He supported the reasoning of Stoicism, which describes logic to be the method humans use to identify and discard false beliefs, that can inevitably result to destruction by our own emotions.

Albert Elllis described our beliefs, in his Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, as an error in our thoughts that which leads to an emotional response, reflecting and transforming into a dysfunctional action or behavior. According to his theory, our false beliefs which turn into obvert behaviors begin from an error in the emotional reasoning. It surmises that people’s problems occur due to a belief factor that is completely incognizant to a specific behavior. For example, if a person you were currently having a conversation to suddenly stopped paying attention to you due to being called by another person, you might feel offended and think that your words may not be interesting or may be even boring. After, you may begin to feel frustrated and angry, you feel that you we’re unjustly humiliated and then you begin to quarrel with the person you were talking to. Cognitive behavioral therapy tries to challenge this false assumption by framing the scenario into a way which could see the other perspective of that person. The fact maybe, the person you were having conversation with was actually intently listening, and his attention may have simply shifted due to another reason such as an important discussion with another individual, and may not have been in fact because of boredom or disinterest.

The external factors we erroneously believe to be the cause may be a false presumption and it may be our own beliefs that has caused problems. These are often caused by the failures in our own expectations.

Cognitive behavioral therapy have been used for many problems of various clients. Problems such as alcoholism, addiction and gambling have been treated with the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. Problems that are complex need to have longer periods for CBT. There will eventually be improvement seen in the clients. The therapy may be ended at any time by the patient if he/she chooses to do so.

Many mental health care companies are able to provide services adequately for clients such as means to implement CBT. The recent publications in science have proven that there is a link to emotional and cognitive factors from a biological perspective. Our brains may have been hardwired through evolution to perceive first a state of emotional judgment before an afterthought of cognitive recalculation.

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